About Us

Our group was started by several women in the winter of 2019 as part of a strategy to get a petition on the Town Ballot to ban the use of single-use plastic bags in the town of Middlebury, Vermont.  

Our purpose is to protect the environment. We know cloth manufacturing pollutes. We don’t buy new fabric. Our group intentionally uses remnants and fabric scraps.

Amy and Maggie worked tirelessly to educate the public, and get enough signatures to have it on the ballot. Jutta, Marita, and Pat got us started in sewing cloth bags, made from donated cloth, found in cupboards, bureaus, attics, and cellars. We first met in February at Marita’s, crowded around her dining room table with her yummy homemade soup, bread, and herb tea for energy! We talked, laughed, and sewed with busy hands and feet, our machines whirring away. Others were cutting, measuring, and ironing.  Kate came up with the name of Re-Bags. Nancy designed a hang-tag for the bags: “Sewing for Change: Re-Bags, made by community for a greener community”.

We do not collect or spend money. Everyone volunteers their time. We use only donated materials.

We have met more than 15 times at houses, a downtown pop-up, a local church, and regularly at the local Makery, a project of Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center in Middlebury, Vermont. So far we have made and distributed over 450 colorful, re-useable cloth bags. We supply them to local shops and hand them out to anyone who comes along. Want to join us? Contact us through the Home Page.

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